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How Sod Installation Works

Green, Green Grass of Home

Always hire experts to install a new lawn in your yard. Want to achieve quality results for your yard? You should know the whole process. This is why it is essential to understand how sod installation works and why such knowledge is necessary. As such, be prepared for any problems that may arise during the installation. Following is a rundown of what must be done during the installation process to help you get a handle on things:

Sod Variety

Each variety of sod has its advantages and disadvantages. Some types of sod are higher maintenance than others. Sod types have varying growth habits, so selecting the right one when you’re ready to plant a new lawn is essential. To give two examples, blued and zoysia sod expand rapidly but necessitate extensive care. It may take a little longer for Bermuda sod to mature, but it requires almost no upkeep once it does.

Transport Sods

You will be notified when the sod is ready so that you can move them there. Since sod is heavy, hiring a professional lawn service is best to move it to the location. You should also contact a lawn care company that is familiar with the installation procedure.

Lawn Preparation

A landscaper will smooth and level the soil and dig the necessary trenches. In addition, they will set the sod firmly on the ground so that it grows upright. When they plant the sod, they’ll do so by all applicable regulations. The soil will loosen, and the sod will get enough water this way.

Achieving lush grass for your home isn’t a far-fetched dream! In Statesboro, GA, Barefoot in the Grass Lawn is your go-to for an expert sod installation project. If you have any questions about our services, contact us at (912) 209-5552.