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How Frequently Should You Water Your Sod After Sod Installation?

How Often Should You Be Watering Your Sod After Installation?

Although establishing your new lawn may seem tedious and time-consuming, sod makes it possible to see results immediately. Since sod is already grown grass, you will have a lovely, lush lawn as soon as it is installed. However, since it is still weak, taking care of your sod is essential to give it the best chance of establishing. To do this, you should stick to a recommended watering schedule as soon as the sod is installed. Once the sod installation is complete, thoroughly watering your sod will prevent the sun from drying it out. After that, you should continue moisturizing it every day for the following two weeks. After 3–4 weeks, you can water it less frequently, but you should still give it a deep watering each time to promote deeper roots.

You Should Deeply Water Your Sod Directly After Installation

Installing new sod is exciting, especially because you’ll immediately have a stunning, luxuriant lawn. However, it’s also an important day for fresh sod; taking care of it will help accelerate root establishment. Therefore, you should give it a thorough watering right after installation, ensuring it soaks about six inches into the ground. If you put off watering until the following day, the sun may dry it out and harm your freshly laid sod.

You’ll Want to Water Your Sod Every Day for the First 2 Weeks After Installation

Even though sod may appear fantastic immediately after installation, the grass is fragile and needs time to develop a strong root system. As a result, you shouldn’t use it as a regular lawn just yet, and you should avoid walking on the brand-new sod to prevent damaging it. Watering it daily for the first two weeks after installation will help it establish itself in the interim by allowing the roots to grow in the soil. When the sod has had 14 days to firm up and withstand regular use, like lawn mowing, you can reduce the frequency.

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